Quick Hydration


per IV

Consider this option to help replace the fluids your body loses from sports, a night out on the town, travel or fun in the sun. This IV contains a biocompatible blend of the electrolytes, sodium and chloride, and sterile water for quick hydration.

What’s Inside?

-Normal Saline
-IV Fluids


Michelle K.

In and out! Not the burger place but the service. They were professional and set us up with signature IVs right away. The place is clean, the chairs are comfy, and the staff is friendly. We could already tell any difference in how we felt before we even left.

Jody M.

Dr. Lukens is my lifesaver. I have been seeing her for almost a year now and I swear she has the magic touch. I have been to different wellness centers throughout the years but nothing comes close to Dr. Lukens. She is kind, caring, and really wants you to heal from your ailments. 

Sara M.

 love this place. They saved my night shift from being cancelled do to cold and exhaustion.
I was up and running again the same night.  The service was friendly and fast and the nurse was knowledgeable. on mondays - They have a special industry rate for people working night shift in vegas. I will come back for sure!

Andrea R.

The staff is very welcoming! Everything is super clean. Their spray tanning machine is very high tech and gives you that perfect glow! My tan lasts about a week and doesn't get blotchy when it starts fading they are definitely using the right products. Highly recommend.


A qualified and experienced medical practitioner will implant a tiny tube in your vein, which is connected to a bag filled with saline (basically saltwater) and additives included in your kit. The formula will be pushed directly into your bloodstream for total bio-availability and to ensure that you almost instantly reap the full benefits of the additives and/or vitamins in your IV kit. IV kits are also perfect for rapidly restoring lost fluids and electrolytes, and intravenous delivery is the easiest way to re-hydrate and supply your body with the nutrients present in any of our formulations. 

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