Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy is getting more and more attention, so you’ve probably heard or read about it before. Still, many people aren’t aware of the details or how exactly the procedure helps, resulting in many questions and concerns regarding safety and efficacy. 

It’s always been our goal to provide a service that is safe and effective, so we make sure to research any ingredient or additive and stay updated with the latest developments or news about IV therapy. We encourage you to look deeply into it as well so that you’ll feel confident in making an informed decision about the treatment. 

Our team is also always available to answer queries, and to make it easier for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of the questions on hydration therapy that we commonly get from clients and interested individuals.

Still have questions?

If our FAQ section doesn’t answer your question, don’t hesitate to send us a message. One of our clinical team members will be happy to personally address your concerns. We’re here to ensure that you’re in good health, and that means making sure that IV therapy is the right choice for you.  

A qualified and experienced medical practitioner will implant a tiny tube in your vein, which is connected to a bag filled with saline (basically saltwater) and additives included in your kit. The formula will be pushed directly into your bloodstream for total bio-availability and to ensure that you almost instantly reap the full benefits of the additives and/or vitamins in your IV kit. IV kits are also perfect for rapidly restoring lost fluids and electrolytes, and intravenous delivery is the easiest way to re-hydrate and supply your body with the nutrients present in any of our formulations. 

How long an IV Therapy takes can be different for each user, but it generally takes 25 to 45 minutes for most people to complete their medication. To be safe, set aside an hour of your day for IV hydration therapy. It’s a stress-free process wherein you’ll stay seated and relatively still. While at it, you can watch movies, chat with friends, browse the internet, and enjoy other activities that don’t require moving around.

Paying a few hundred dollars for relief may sound steep at first. However, we make sure that every cent is money well-spent by providing only the best service to our clients. We use only surgical-grade and high-quality tools and ingredients, and our staff are all professionally qualified medical professionals—this means you’re treated to an experience that can easily cost twice or thrice as much in any emergency department! Our regulars think it’s a bargain, and once you see the advantages for yourself, we’re sure that you’ll think so too!

Some people aren’t comfortable around needles and some have a lower pain threshold. If you feel any discomfort during the process, feel free to let our medical team know as they’re all prepared and qualified to address any concern you might have. They’re also seasoned professionals who know how to make a needle insertion as fast and painless as possible—many of our customers actually said they didn’t even feel a thing.

Most people are cleared for IV therapy, but there are some exceptions. Minors and people older than 65 require the approval of the physician or nurse practitioner on duty. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are still eligible, although some vitamins and supplements may be deemed off-limits.

We understand that some people would be more comfortable hearing about it from a professional they trust, so feel free to consult with your doctor about the safety and effectiveness of IV Hydration Therapies. Please keep in mind that the procedure is totally elective and signing up for it is entirely up to you. We have a nurse practitioner or physician on-duty who will assess your overall health and approve the treatment. They’ll also make recommendations based on their assessment, so it’s important that you give accurate and complete information, just like with any doctor.

One great advantage of IV therapy is that it’s easily customized depending on your needs. Some people only experience hangovers, migraines, and jet lags intermittently, thus needing IV therapies only from time to time. Others get IV therapy more frequently, as they see better results from taking vitamins and supplements intravenously. Hence, it all depends on your lifestyle and biological individuality. There are no hard and fast rules, and if you need help determining when and how frequently you must get some treatments, our medical staff will be happy to figure it out with you.

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