Revitalize Your Body with IV Hydration Therapy

Beauty Blast

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Beauty Blast not only enhances the strength and appearance of your hair, skin, and nails, but it also helps keep things beautiful on the inside.

Used by many bodily systems and with consistent intake can:

  • Maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Control diabetes
  • Repair muscles
  • Aid in weight loss


Fitness Recovery

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This IV is recommended to those who participate in intense fitness regiments. It is packed with essential amino acids for building muscle keeping tone and includes B12 to replenish your energy stores.


Immune Boost

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Gives your immune system a BOOST. High doses of vitamins to combat the symptoms of the common cold, flu, and fatigue.



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Promotes optimal functioning of multiple bodily systems and can ease the effects of asthma, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, and muscle spasms

  • Reduce anxiety and risk of developing diabetes,
  • Promotes healthy musculoskeletal system
  • Promotes a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and improves the appearance and tone of your skin
  • Gives you a boost of energy to overcome fatigue and get back to your day



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An anti-aging IV that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized, counteracting the cellular fatigue associated with stress, aging, and chronic fatigue.

  • Note: Account for at least 3 hours when scheduling as this IV has an extended infusion time. 
  • Note: Automatic 15% gratuity is applied to account for nurse’s undivided attention during infusion time. 
  • This coenzyme is used by multiple body systems and consistent use has shown a:
  • Decrease in brain fog and increase an in alertness 
  • Promotes memory recall
  • Combat the physiological effects of aging

$299.00 (250 mg)
$500.00 (500 mg)
$749.00 (900 mg)

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