Feeling sick can be a scary time, but there are some things you can do to feel better. There are many different reasons that people get sick and the treatment is going to depend on what’s wrong.

Our Feeling Sick IVs may help you feel better faster than if you were just resting at home. Hydrating yourself with water or electrolytes will also help speed up your recovery process. If it’s food poisoning, then eating something bland like crackers or toast may make you feel better. You should always check in with your doctor if these treatments don’t work!

Take care of yourself with Push IV Hydration Las Vegas packages. You can also get an IV drip to help your cold and flu symptoms go away faster.

Food Poisoning Fix

$289 per IV

Within hours after eating things unhealthy, the signs will start and can intensify pretty rapidly. To help resolve your stomach and recover missing nutrients, get an IV now!

Stomach Aid

$299 per IV

Urgent care doctors have been using the same vitamin supplements and medicine found in our therapies to combat stomach flu for generations.

Migraine Remedy

$289 per IV

This medication is meant for people who have migraines. To help ease the symptoms, get an IV wherever you are!

Cold & Flu Solution

$309 per IV

Do you have a throat infection and a runny nose, and do you have a sore body? Schedule this care today, and in no time, we will arrive at you as fast as possible to make you better!

Energy Shot

$309 per IV

Do you have the impression that you do not have enough energy? Book this procedure, and we will supply you with the fluid and nutrients required for your body!

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