A number of IV treatments are provided by Push IV & wellbeing, a renowned IV clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, to support health and wellbeing. Our team of qualified, experienced experts is committed to giving our patients IV treatments that are of the highest caliber, as well as safe and secure. The registered nurse is one of the most important employees of our group. (RN). We’ll talk about the vital part that registered nurses (RNs) play in our IV treatments in this blog article.

An RN is what?

Let’s start by defining what an RN is. A healthcare professional who has successfully finished an accredited nursing school and a national licensing exam is known as a registered nurse. Nursing assistants (RNs) are skilled in administering medication, keeping an eye on patients, and carrying out surgical operations.

What RNs do for IV therapy at Push IV & Wellness

RNs are essential to our IV therapies at Push IV & Wellness. They are in charge of giving the IV treatments and keeping an eye on our customers’ wellbeing all through the procedure. Before, during, and after the treatment, RNs offer clients support and instruction.

Examining the medical histories of the patients: Before starting any IV therapy, registered nurses (RNs) check the patient’s medical file to make sure the course of treatment is secure and suitable for them.

Setting up the IV equipment and choosing the proper fluids and medications are tasks that fall under the purview of registered nurses (RNs), who are also in charge of preparing the IV treatment.

Administering the IV treatment: RNs are trained to insert the IV catheter and give the IV treatment. To ensure the treatment is administered safely and successfully, they monitor the infusion rate and modify it as necessary.

The client’s health is being monitored by RNs as they administer IV treatments. These vital signs include blood pressure and pulse rate. They keep an eye out for any indications of negative responses and take appropriate action.

Educating and supporting patients: Before, during, and after IV therapy, RNs educate and assist patients. They respond to inquiries, give directions on how to care for the IV site, and give suggestions on how to keep good health.

Why do RNs play a key role in IV treatments?

Because they possess the knowledge and abilities required to give and monitor IV treatments safely and effectively, RNs are essential to their success. Additionally, they have the education and expertise required to identify and address any unfavorable reactions that might arise during the course of therapy.

Additionally, RNs deliver a degree of individualized care that is crucial for fostering the best possible health and wellness. They spend time getting to know their patients and offer individualized treatment based on their particular requirements and health objectives.


RNs are essential to our IV therapies at Push IV & Wellness. They are in charge of giving the IV treatment, keeping an eye on the client’s health, and giving help and guidance. To ensure that our patients receive individualized, efficient, and safe treatment, RNs are crucial. Make an appointment with one of our skilled RNs at Push IV & Wellness right away if you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of IV therapies.

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